You’re Well-Positioned to Advance Your Firm — and the Profession

How many times have you sat in your office and wondered what you can do in your role to bring the greatest value to your law firm?

If you aren’t doing this almost daily, it’s time to turn your attention to the changes going on in the legal industry and to focus on how you are especially equipped to bring new ideas to your firm.

The changes facing our industry are already ginormous and growing daily. However, I think there has never been a more important time during which those leading law firms have to be people who can think … differently.

This is where those of you in chief business and operational positions can really excel.

I’ve spent a great deal of time learning from Dr. Larry Richard about the key personality traits that lawyers possess that are significantly different from the average population. These things come to my mind quickly when I start thinking about how we as an industry are equipped to face the changes our clients are so anxious to instill in our firms and organizations.

When it comes down to it, you’re really a guru at so many aspects of the functioning of your organization.

High urgency, high autonomy and risk aversion — to name a few — make it very difficult for anyone to be highly motivated to incorporate change into everyday routines. Change scares us; we love knowing what’s ahead. It allows us to stay in our comfort zones. It’s human nature. But it leads to complacency, which is where we, as an industry, find ourselves.

Whatever your title may be within your firm or organization, you are equipped a bit differently than most of those you serve. You are resilient — otherwise you would not have been in this profession very long. You are adaptable and flexible; you navigate all the different landmines that come your way. And you’re resourceful; you can make things happen quickly, smoothly and, most of the time, effortlessly. You know all the ins and outs of your organization and the personalities that make it tick. You know how to work to build consensus and how to motivate others to buy in.

When it comes down to it, you’re really a guru at so many aspects of the functioning of your organization. Now is the time to really bring these traits forward.

But, be patient in tribulation. Keep your passion for your organization at the forefront of everything you do to help lead change to move your organization from one mired in complacency to one that thrives on bringing constant improvement and efficiency to the daily practice of law. Your clients deserve it!

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