Human Resources Management

  • Planning to equip for the changes in technology and proficiency assessment systems
  • Improving staffing ratios; benchmarking
  • Use of PM for streamlining onboarding, orientation, integration of personnel

Knowledge Management
(Link to Alternative Staffing, Value-Based (Alternative) Pricing, Knowledge Management page)

Legal Project Management

  • Assist clients in educating the various facets of the organization on what LPM is and how it can be used to streamline work on legal matters and improve the quality, timeliness and costs of legal services.
  • Assess existing programs
  • Help identify tools and other resources useful to LPM

Records Management Systems

  • Identify products and processes needed for today’s records management systems including integration of document management applications with records management applications. Aid with development of plan for transitioning of paper-based environment to imaged medium
  • Developing records retention policies and procedures